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     Click below to listen to samples of tracks on the CD

1.   Galatas

2.   Patsh (clapping) dances

3.   A Gute Nakht (good night)

4.   Ukrainian Sherele

5.   Firn di Mekhutonim Aheym (taking the in-laws home) ~ Tsum Badekns  

6.   Sher

7.   Doyne  ~ Tants a Freylekhs  ~ Galitsianer Tensl

8.   Bosporus

9.   Starlight Hora  ~ Lekhayim  ~ Russian Dance

10. Nakhes fun Kinder ~ Manchester Mekhutonim  ~ Tants far Ale Mekhutonim

11. Wedding Hora

12. Nakhes fun Kinder (reprise)


Live footage of the LKQ

The LKQ debut album: comments and reviews

fROOTS magazine
A stylish and spectral debut from the LKQ, which features four highly accomplished and in-demand musicians... The generally crisp and subtly familiar arrangements are broken up by moments of genuine storm, such as the passionate Ukrainian Sherele... A tremendous calling card for their increasingly acclaimed live performances.

Keith Wolzinger, Klezmer Podcast
The group has a wonderful acoustic sound, without anything getting in the way of the purity of the music. The arrangements are spot on, and the balance is just right. Whether it be a delicate doina or hora, a bouncing sher, or a blazing freylekhs, LKQ gives a masterful performance, full of exuberance and artistry... LKQ is off to a great start with this album.I can recommend it highly to both those just starting to build their Klezmer library, as well as those fans looking for a truly authentic sound amongst all the amped-up Klezmer that is being produced these days.

Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter
The musicians convey their tremendous affection for the sound and emotions nurtured by klezmer music. This CD succeeds in conveying the unique musical style and elevates the listener emotionally and spiritually. LKQ is a nice addition to any traditional collection of klezmer music, be it at home, at the synagogue, or at any interested library.

What the pros say:

Stuart Brotman, Brave Old World, Veretski Pass
Very intimate sound and mature readings.

Amy Ray, Indigo Girls
The London Klezmer Quartet brims with musicality and elicits every emotion possible in my soul. When I listen to this CD, I want to live, I want to laugh, I want to cry, but mostly importantly I want to dance!

Stewart Curtis, K-Groove
A truly great authentic klezmer CD.

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